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  • Journey: An Immersive 4-Course Tasting Experience

Journey: An Immersive 4-Course Tasting Experience

🎫 Lunch (Friday - Sunday)
🎫 Dinner (Tuesday - Sunday)

Tickets include a 2-hour tasting experience of your choice, containing 4 courses and 4 drinks. Each dish is presented with a story behind it

General Info
🕒 Date and time: multiple dates and times. The experience lasts 2 hours
📍 Location: Chelsea Funhouse
❓ Please note: every experience has a full vegan option. There is a discretionary 12.50% service charge to be settled on the night

You will be able to select from these four journeys:

The Silk Road
  • China: avocado, sesame, bean sprout & radish salad, rice paper basket (ve)
  • Pakistan/India: Punjabi spiced mussels; or curried cauliflower soup, almonds & coconut
  • Persia: smoked lemon & cumin marinated lamb rump, smoked aubergine purée, pomegranate; or smoked aubergine, chickpea & couscous, lemon, coriander & pomegranate
  • The Mediterranean: grilled peach, lemon sorbet, ginger crumb (ve)
The Raj
  • Great Britain: three oysters - natural, deep fried, bloody mary; or braised celaraic, Jerusalem artichoke purée
  • Pakistan/India: Punjabi spiced mussels or curried cauliflower soup, almonds & coconut with Paratha
  • USA: crispy shiitake roll, grilled tuna, radishes; or crispy shiitake roll, avocado, grilled pok choy, radishes
  • Kenya: mango sorbet, dark chocolate and spiced coffee syrup (ve)
  • Peru: bream & salmon ceviche, lime, avocado, crispy tortilla; or smoked sweetcorn & black bean ceviche, lime, crispy tortilla
  • Mexico: braised ox cheek / blowtorched tilapia, roast pepper & mango salsa; or lentil chilli / spiced spinach & mushroom tacos
  • Spain: pan fried sea bass with chorizo and baked fennel, saffron alioli; or crispy tempeh, grilled pepper, green pea & artichoke paella, black olive crumb
  • Philippines: ginger & coconut rice pudding, lime sorbet (ve)
Eastern Block
  • The Baltics: smoked beetroot & horseradish mousse, citrus & truffle salad (ve)
  • Poland: pan fried potato cake, ham hock, sauerkraut; or pan fried potato cake, salsify, sauerkraut
  • Romania/Bulgaria: roast lamb rump, beetroot & barley; or wild mushroom dumplings, caper & parsley
  • Russia: strawberry, orange & black pepper salad, champagne & elderflower granita (ve)

Travel the world from the comfort of your dining table! Journey is an immersive restaurant housed in a very upbeat 3 storey building in Chelsea. It boasts an ancillary Espresso Martini bar called Chelsea Black, as well as its very own Champagne Puking Unicorn (yes, you heard that right!). Select one of the four Journeys and go on an international trip over the course of two hours, in which you will enjoy four courses and four drinks that follow the theme of your voyage of choice. No visa required!
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