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  • The Herb Lab Burger Club

The Herb Lab Burger Club

The Herb Lab: a herbalicious banquet celebrating food as a cure for what ails ya! And since everything nowadays is better in burger form, they're putting on a herby Burger Club evening. Join them for an healthy 4 course feast during an evening of redefining burgers: vegetarian, meat-free-umami, freemami, vegan, herbalicious... you get the idea. What to expect: • 4 course set menu (amuse-bouche: slices of summer – herbalised cucurbitaceae; starter: non-conformist salad with uncounted count of herbs and wild surprises; main: a threesome of muse kissed burgers with herby chips and juicy slaw; dessert: raw flowery chocolate) • Expert advice on herbs and wild foods All food is from organic sources: Betra Market Garden, OrganicLea, Farmdrop, Hackney's Growing Communities and the farmers trading at Stoke Newington Farmer's market, Food For All... It's the perfect chance to indulge all your senses with fresh, organic food that makes you feel at peace, knowing it does you good with every bite. If that's too much goodness, you can find balance with their drinks menu which might help you killing some karma points. Gin tonics with homemade tonic water, herbalised prosecco, chocolate cocktails, homemade bitters that prep your system for food-break-down. Grubs up and it's green!
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