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  • Murder Mystery Online: The Legend of Tutankhamun

Murder Mystery Online: The Legend of Tutankhamun

🎫 Ticket for 1 device for Murder Mystery Online: The Legend of Tutankhamun, an online Cluedo-style mystery game
  • 5 actors will guide you through various scenarios
  • Uncover the murderer's identity!
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General Info
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⏳ Duration: 2 hours
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“Death will come to those who disturb the resting pharaoh.” Those were the words that Howard Carter discovered in Tutankhamun’s burial chamber in 1922. Nobody could have known just how true they would be… After a string of sudden deaths and unexplainable happenings, Gregorio Herrera—an Egyptologist in the present—was chosen to visit the pharaoh’s tomb in hopes of discovering the truth behind Tutankhamun’s curse. Shortly after his trip, however, Gregorio passed away at the Cairo Hospital. Is his death related to the curse? Maybe things are not quite as they seem, and his untimely demise was brought on by a love affair, or a grudge from the past. Interrogate members of Gregorio’s research team, decipher the clues and find out the truth—if you dare. Will you emerge victorious, or will the legend of Tutankhamun strike fear into your heart?

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