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  • UNBOXX LA: The Ultimate Night in a Box

UNBOXX LA: The Ultimate Night in a Box

🎫 Birthday BOXX I: includes caramels, balloons, birthday candles, a champagne bath bomb, a matchbook, a birthday badge, an organic sheet face mask, candy, a birthday card, a handcrafted soap bar, and an OTR aviator gin cocktail
🎫 Birthday BOXX II: includes beard oil, a balloon selection, whiskey rocks, a matchbook, a birthday badge, a birthday card, a deck of cards, birthday candles, caramels, beef jerky sticks, and a Dudes Brewery IPA
🎫 Self Love BOXX: includes a champagne bath bomb, caramels, a personal journal, an organic sheet face mask, organic soap, a Mad Tasty CBD beverage, organic sage, aromatherapy oil, coloring pencils, and an OTR cocktail
🎫 Date Night BOXX: includes caramels, massage oil, roses, an organic bath bomb, two adult coloring sheets, coloring pencils, 20 questions to fall in love, a deck of cards, candy, a Dudes Brewery IPA, and an OTR cocktail

General Information
👤 Age requirement: 21+ with valid ID
📱 Next steps: Upon purchase, you will receive an order form you will need to fill out to coordinate the delivery.

Delivery Information
🚚 Delivery Zone: Huntington Park, Santa Monica, Calabasas, Marina Del Rey, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, & Beverly Hills
✔️ UNBOXX LA has a valid license to sell alcohol and will be responsible for delivering your Birthday BOXX.

Let us introduce you to Unboxx LA, the ultimate night in a box made specifically for LA residents. Get everything you need for a great night in delivered to you in under 24 hours. These carefully-crafted BOXXES are perfect for celebrations, relaxation, and hopeless romantics. In a world that’s changing, we can still enjoy the one thing that keeps us going: each other.
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