• Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience
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Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience

Sat 05 Aug, 2023

Dinos Alive is a dinosaur exhibition featuring life-size animated replicas in an immersive Jurassic venue. Walk alongside the massive creatures that roamed our world millions of years ago!

Tickets for Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience in Houston
🎫 General Admission - includes entry for 1 to the experience*
Available ticket bundles for General Admission:

  • Family Bundle (max. 2 adults) - reduced price tickets for a family of 4 or more
  • Group Bundle (min. 15 people) - enjoy a special discount on ticket price

*VR experience not included

🎫 VIP Admission - includes skip-the-line entry for 1 to the experience, entry to the VR experience (ages 8+) + a magnet or poster of your choice
Available ticket bundles for VIP Admission:

  • VIP Family Bundle (max. 2 adults) - reduced price tickets for a family of 4 or more

🎫 Premium Flex Entry VIP - includes full entry to the experience at any time on your selected date, entry to the VR experience (ages 8+) + a poster of your choice
🦕 Add-on Child Dinos Costume - includes a Dinos costume so your child can enjoy their visit in style and mingle with other Dinos! Size suitable for children

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🌲 Travel back to the Jurassic in a thematic park full of realistic dinosaurs—see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat!
🦕 Come face to face with over 80 specimens of life-sized, moving replicas: T-rex, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptors, and many more
🦈 Dive into the depths of the seas and interact with Jurassic sea giants in a unique virtual aquarium
😮 Learn more about the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods in a fun and interactive way
👓 Immerse yourself to the fullest with a captivating VR experience (suitable for ages 8+)
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Kids can enjoy a “Budding Experts” interactive space, where they can become paleontologists and tame the most iconic dinosaurs

General Info
📅 Dates and times: select your dates/times directly in the ticket selector
⏳ Duration: the visit will take approx. 35–75 minutes depending on how deep you want to know our dinosaurs. You can read really interesting info about them!
📍 Location: Marq'e Entertainment Center, Houston
👤 Age requirement: all ages are welcome! Children 3 and younger enter free of charge
♿ Accessibility: the venue is wheelchair accessible
❓ Please consult the FAQs of this experience here
➕ The Dino Rides have an additional charge of $4 for non VIP guests and $3 for VIP guests. Rides are for ages 12 and younger

Dinos You’ll Meet

  • T-rex
  • Stegosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Pachycephalosaurus
  • Suchomimus
  • Velociraptor
  • Gorgosaurus

Click here to see pictures and read some fun facts about all these species!

Go back millions of years to a land ruled by giants! This immersive experience in Houston brings you face-to-face with the fearsome and spectacular dinosaurs that dominated the animal world for 140 million years. From the turkey-sized Velociraptors to the mighty T-rex, interact with life-sized, moving animatronics of a large variety of species, and see these magnificent creatures in their natural Jurassic habitat. Step into another world and learn something new in an experience that's fun for the whole family! Get your tickets for Dinos Alive: An Immersive Experience in Houston!

User reviews

based on 963 reviews
  • Very nicely put together! The underwater interactive room was the funnest part. My 4yr old grandson had a blast!
  • My Grandson really enjoyed it, we both loved the VR!! We’ll probably be back.
  • Took my 7 year old grandson and wife, son, and daughter. We all enjoyed. It was fun!
  • It's was awesome, money well spent.. the kids enjoyed it so much
  • Great! We would definitely go again!
  • It was more then what I was expecting, my son and nephew totally had a blast!
  • We loved everything about the exhibit and the fact that it provided additional information about the dinosaurs. I purchased two extra tickets and Ryan said he would get with Fever to get them refunded!
  • Took my three girls here. Dinosaur lovers of course and they loved the Immersive experience. The ocean room is definitely worth going to check out! They enjoyed racing the t-rex. Coloring their very own dinosaurs and seeing them pop up on the big screen, a dinosaur ride and the VR experience! Would go again!
  • Excellent! The exhibit was well done. The staff was very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience for me and my 5 year old grandson. I hope you come back to Houston next year.
  • Great experience with my kids, they really loved it.
  • The kids love it.
  • Very interesting and life-like. Fun for all ages.
  • This was an awesome experience. My autistic son loved it, he was so excited. All the employees were even super nice, from the supervisor to the ladies in the front. Well worth it.
  • Super cool! Very realistic. We’ll be back.
  • We really enjoyed the life like dinosaurs. Our grandson had a blast. The only thing we would like to have seen was it to last a little longer for the price of the tickets. Otherwise, it was great and we loved it.

Getting there

Casa Suecia

Calle del Marqués de Casa Riera, 4, 28014

  • Sevilla
  • Banco de España

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General Admission for $32.90 per person
VIP Admission for $44.90 per person
Family Bundle (4+ tickets, max. 2 adults) for $27.60 per person
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Add-on Kid Dinos Costume (ticket not included) for $35.00 per person
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