• The Dark Side of Old Town Toronto

The Dark Side of Old Town Toronto

🎫 The Dark Side of Old Toronto Exploration Game -Ticket for 1

📚 Dive into Toronto’s controversial past and learn about its gloomy history
🏞️ Visit St James Park and find out what lies beneath it
🤡 Discover the intersection where a gang of clowns fought a band of firemen
🚶‍♀️ Take a walk through Canada’s oldest market and uncover its dark secrets

General Info
📅 Date and time: start the experience any time after purchase
⌛ Duration: 77 minutes (3km)
📍 Departure Point: 3D Toronto Sign
👤 Age requirement: all ages welcome
📱 You will find more details about your booking in your confirmation email and your Fever ticket
❓ Please note: children under 16 can play with two Adults who have a 2 people ticket

You’ve lived in Toronto your whole life and know the city inside out. Today, however, during your afternoon stroll, the inexplicable happens. The world around you freezes for a second, and when it starts moving again, all the colors are scrambled. It looks like you’re stuck in a negative photograph of the world. The ‘Stop’ sign is green, passers-by smile with black teeth, and a purple sun shines in the orange sky. As you rub your eyes in disbelief, a sharp object flies by your ear and almost cuts it off. You decide to take shelter and hurry home, but will you ever make it out of the darkroom?

Getting there

29 The Dark Side of Old Town Toronto

3D Toronto Sign 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2, Canada, 66777

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The Dark Side of Old Toronto Exploration Game -Ticket for 1 for $6.99
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