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  • LED Therapy & Cryotherapy at Next Health NYC

LED Therapy & Cryotherapy at Next Health NYC

🎫 LED Therapy session for 1 person
🎫 Cryotherapy session for 1 person

βœ… Treatment at a health optimization and longevity center
βœ… Two types of treatment to choose from: LED Therapy and Cryotherapy
βœ… Fever Exclusive Pricing

LED Therapy
The NEXT|HEALTH infrared light beds are designed with over 13,000 high-intensity red, blue, and infrared LEDs which are positioned close to the skin for maximum effect. These lights activate ATP (energy within body tissues), stimulating white blood cells to repair damaged tissues and increase collagen production. ATP also triggers the release of endorphins, which provide relief for chronic and acute pain.

Experience the world's first non-nitrogen and true whole-body cryotherapy chamber. Just 3 minutes of cold exposure will help take your health--both physical and mental--to the next level.

General Info
πŸ•’ Opening hours:
- Mon: 10AM-6PM
- Tues: 10AM-6PM
- Weds: 10AM-6PM
- Thurs: 10AM-6PM
- Fri: 10AM-6PM
- Sat: 10AM-6PM
- Sun: closed
πŸ“ Location: Next Health NYC
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Next Health NYC are a health optimization and longevity center. They believe health is not the absence of disease. Health is the abundance of vitality. Their mission is to empower people to achieve optimal vitality & longevity through our personalized, data-driven approach to health optimization. We take health to the next level!
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