• One Year of Unlimited Meditation with Namatata

One Year of Unlimited Meditation with Namatata

๐ŸŽซ Subscription for 1 device to Namatata: the app for meditating and sleeping better (subscription valid for 1 year or for life!)

What to expect
๐Ÿง˜ Subscription to Namatata, the go-to meditation app
๐Ÿƒ Access to over 400 themed sessions with the duration of your choice
๐Ÿ™ Gain quality of sleep, confidence and the ability to let go
๐Ÿฉบ Content created with the help of doctors and psychologists
โญ Voted best meditation app in 2020

General Info
๐ŸŽ Fever benefit: a very exclusive discount!
๐Ÿ‘ค Age requirement: open to all ages
๐Ÿ“ฑ Next steps: you will find further instructions to redeem your subscription in your Fever ticket and confirmation email

Feeling stressed, anxious, or just a little down? Find serenity, improve your quality of sleep and make the most out of life with Namatata! This subscription will grant you unlimited access to over 400 mindfulness sessions to discover according to your mood, your goals and your schedule. Namatata's content was created in consultation with doctors and psychologists to better manage your emotions and help you let go easily. Nirvana is at your fingertips with Namatata!

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One Year of Unlimited Meditation with Namatata Subscription for 1 year to Namatata for $48 (Instead of $96)
Subscription for life to Namatata for $120 (Instead of $480)
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