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  • Quantum Physics for Beginners - Waitlist

Quantum Physics for Beginners - Waitlist

The Experience
🎫 Waiting List for the Fever talk: Quantum Physics for Beginners - Brisbane
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Experience Information
📅 Date: TBD
🕒 Time: 7 pm – 9 pm (talk starts at 7:30 pm), including a break and a Q&A session (approx. 15 mins each)
📌 Location: A welcoming space with warm lighting and great acoustics to be revealed soon
👤 Age requirement: 18+ with valid ID
🎤 Our speaker is an expert on the subject matter
💰 Price: from $30 per ticket

Do you know your protons from your electrons and your up quarks from your down quarks? Have you ever wondered how a quantum computer is made? Does time truly exist? String theory: is it really about strings? Discover all this and more in Fever's illuminating talk! Don't worry, you won't need a degree in Physics; our expert speaker will be bringing all the quirks and oddities of quantum physics to you in a way that’s digestible and fun! No question will go unanswered in the Q&A!
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