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  • 9 to 5 the Musical at the Savoy Theatre

9 to 5 the Musical at the Savoy Theatre

What you get
  • Ticket for 1 to 9 to 5 the musical at the Savoy Theatre

Song Schedule
Act I:
  • "9 to 5" – Violet, Doralee, Dwayne, Judy and Ensemble
  • "Around Here" – Violet and Ensemble
  • "Here for You" – Franklin
  • "I Just Might" – Judy, Doralee and Violet
  • "Backwoods Barbie" – Doralee
  • "The Dance of Death" – Judy, Franklin and Ensemble
  • "Cowgirl's Revenge" – Doralee, Franklin and Ensemble
  • "Potion Notion" – Violet, Franklin and Ensemble
  • "Joy to the Girls" – Judy, Doralee, Violet, Franklin and Ensemble
  • "Heart to Hart" – Roz and Ensemble
  • "Shine Like the Sun" – Doralee, Judy and Violet

Act II:
  • "One of the Boys" – Violet and Boys
  • "5 to 9" – Roz
  • "Always a Woman" – Franklin and Men's Ensemble
  • "Change It" – Doralee, Violet, Judy and Ensemble
  • "Let Love Grow" – Joe and Violet
  • "Get Out and Stay Out" – Judy
  • "Finale: 9 to 5" – Company

Why this musical is for you
Nominated for best original score, witness a musical full of drama! 9 to 5 centres around Violet, Doralee and Judy who desire nothing more than to be rid of their sexist, lying and hypocritical boss, President Franklin Hart Jr. When the President returns from a lengthy absense and his authority is questioned, who will have the confidence to succeed? Featuring the ever-popular Louise Redknapp, listen to heart-warming music like "Joy to the Girls", "Shine Like the Sun" and of course "9 to 5". Behind the music, expect to learn of dark and revengeful schemes as these witty women take on the powerful male president. Find out if the girls can topple him live!

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