Candlelight: A Tribute to Pink Floyd · Reviews


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Roberto V.

Aug 2023

The best Pink Floyd rendition I have experienced! The quarter was phenomenal, and I plan to attend this concert again!

Cindy B.

Aug 2023

Musicians were fantastic!!

Eric S.

Aug 2023

I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, and I have to say - this was amazing! The sound, the atmosphere, the musicians….all top notch. Phenomenal!


Aug 2023

The most beautiful experience I’ve had! I couldn’t be more grateful to have witnessed such beauty. Talk about tranquil and healing!!!!

Mark L.

Aug 2023

Amazing experience, so peaceful and powerful. A tear of pure happiness, graced the curvature of thy cheek.

michelle m.

Aug 2023

Had a Heart Opening Experience!... Definitely worthy of checking them out!


Aug 2023

A beautiful evening. Beautiful and intimate venue. The candles are so impressive. The musicians were outstanding and entertaining. Immensely talented. The greeting staff were also very pleasant and upbeat. Awesome experience

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