Candlelight: A Haunted Evening of Halloween Classics at Fountain Street Church · Reviews


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Alicia M.

Jan 2023

Loved it!! The quartet were so talented and very entertaining!

Katrin B.

Oct 2022

Great environment, staff was welcoming and professional. The KalHaven String Quartet made the event fun with the stories in-between songs.

Lena R.

Oct 2022

This was a classy way to celebrate Halloween! The setting, the selection of music and the talent were all excellent!

Susanna B.

Oct 2022

It was a pleasant experience. I loved that the musicians interacted with the audience. More ghost stories please! The setting was absolutely stunning!

Cheryl H.

Oct 2022

The musicians’ personalities and the audience interaction pushed the experience over the top! It was such fun!

Phuong D.

Oct 2022

Song choices were amazing! We really enjoyed the interaction with audience. Grateful for the bonus song. Intimate and beautiful experience!

Alissa P.

Oct 2022

Awesome show, amazing experience, beautiful atmosphere!

Kari G.

Nov 2022

Wonderful performance. Loved the candlelight.

Laura O.

Oct 2022

Beautiful, spooky and engaging! Loved the atmosphere and the musicians were spectacular!

Alison B.

Oct 2022

What a special and unique experience!

Layne K.

Oct 2022

Such a fantastic experience, everything was beautiful. We will definitely attend again!

Sara B.

Oct 2022

Such a wonderful performance and stellar ambiance.

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