Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift · Reviews


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Rachel S.

Jun 2022

It was wonderful, but the customer service was even better. I couldn’t make it last minute because a pet emergency and they let me reschedule so I could see this wonderful show!!

Nancy A.

Jun 2022

Simply amazing! I will definitely go again !

April D.

Jun 2022

Loved every moment! Gorgeous setting, excellent musicians plus Taylor? The best.

Evangeline S.

Jun 2022

Absolutely wonderful! A real treat with talented and engaging performers!

Rumit M.

Jun 2022

The musical experience was good, but it was too hot inside. It will only get hotter from here, so organizers should think about ways to cool the venue.

Merci M.

May 2022

I don’t even like Taylor Swift and this was AMAZING! Highly recommend and looking forward to another candle light orchestra!

Josephine S.

May 2022

GORGEOUS!! The music was so thoughtfully composed and the musicians’ talent and passion shown brighter than the thousands of candles painstakingly set up around the church. Such an incredible atmosphere and all the staff and audience members were lovely! Thank you :)

Dawn C.

May 2022

Amazing performance in a breathtaking setting

Your G.

Apr 2022

Absolutely enjoyed the whole event, the orchestra was incredible, the ambience was perfect. It was such a great intimate experience!

Kate S.

Apr 2022

Absolutely enchanting. 11/10 recommend

Melissa O.

Mar 2022

Really wonderful performance and wonderful energy from the performers and the crowd. If you're a Taylor Swift fan I highly recommend going!!!

Kelly G.

Mar 2022

amazing show & very well-organized event. definitely going to be checking out more fever events very soon!

Tiffany T.

Mar 2022

Beautiful. Mesmerizing. Enchanting. Absolutely a must. Can't wait to go again and can't wait to surprise my friends with tickets.

Michelle A.

Jan 2022

Such amazingly talented musicians playing a perfectly curated mix of Taylor Swift songs!

Emma S.

Dec 2021

Rounding up for the ambience and musicians! Loved hearing a wonderful tribute to Taylor. I’d take off a half star for the people who had to hold up their phones the whole time and block views and the jerks who didn’t keep their masks on properly.

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