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  • Online Quest of Thrones Printable Escape Room by Entermission

Online Quest of Thrones Printable Escape Room by Entermission

🎫 Ticket for 1 to Online Quest of Thrones Printable Escape Room

🕵️ Work through a series of clues to complete the game
👪 Team up with friends and family either at home or online
🍻 Grab some drinks, dress up and make it a night to remember

General Info
📅 Date and time: game package will be received within 24 hours after purchase
⏳ Duration: recommended 60 minutes
📍 Location: any location of choice
👤 Age requirement: 8+
❓ Please note: play online or print and play with access to clues and hints online
📱 Please see your Fever ticket & confirmation email for all essential post-purchase information

Legend has it that centuries ago, a Crown Of Power was created, which granted anyone who wore it, the power to rule all the lands. Unfortunately, the map that marked the location of the crown was torn into ten pieces and scattered across the kingdoms. However, an old notebook revealing clues as to where these pieces may be has been discovered. Players must find the pieces, put together the map and find the Crown Of Power to claim glory for the kingdom.
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