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  • The Drive-In off Navigation by Rooftop Cinema Club

The Drive-In off Navigation by Rooftop Cinema Club

🎫 Buddy Weekday: weekday movie screening for up to 3 people
🎫 Buddy Weekend: weekend movie screening for up to 3 people
🎫 Squad Weekday: weekday movie screening for 3 or more people
🎫 Squad Weekend: weekend movie screening for 3 or more peple

πŸš— Your car is the screening room at this drive-in cinema!
🍽️ A wide assortment of food and beverage options available for purchase on-site
βœ”οΈ Maximum safety with social distancing throughout the experience

General Info
πŸ“… Dates and times: various dates and times available (see the film schedule below)
πŸ“ Location: The Drive-In off Navigation
πŸ‘€ Age requirement: please check the film's rating
πŸ”Š The film's soundtrack will be accessible exclusively through your car's FM Radio
🍽️ Food will be available for separate purchase

Film Schedule
  • Mar 5: Freaky Friday at 7:30pm, Never Been Kissed at 10pm
  • Mar 6: The Emperor's New Groove at 7pm, Talladega Nights at 9:15pm
  • Mar 7: Twilight at 7pm, The Mask at 10pm
  • Mar 9: Raiders of the Lost Ark at 7:30pm, The Great Gatsby at 10:30pm
  • Mar 10: The Breakfast Club at 7:30pm
  • Mar 11: Back to the Future at 7:30pm, Poetic Justice at 10:30pm
  • Mar 13: Shrek 2 at 7pm, The Departed at 9:30pm
  • Mar 14: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at 8pm, Texas Chainsaw Massacre at 10:30pm
  • Mar 16: Mean Girls at 8pm, Love & Basketball at 10:30pm
  • Mar 17: High School Musical at 8pm, Dazed and Confused at 10:30pm
  • Mar 18: 21 Jump Street at 8pm, Scream at 10:45pm
  • Mar 19: Monters University at 8pm, Boyz n the Hood at 10:45pm
  • Mar 20: Coco at 8pm, Do the Right Thing at 10:45pm, Fast Five at 11pm
  • Mar 23: Beetlejuice at 8pm, Love Jones at 10:30pm
  • Mar 24: Jurassic World at 8pm
  • Mar 25: The Goonies at 8pm, Child's Play at 11pm
  • Mar 26: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at 8pm, Friday at 11pm
  • Mar 27: People's Choice at 8pm, Cabin in the Woods at 11:30pm
  • Mar 28: Casablanca at 8pm, Fight Club at 10:45pm
  • Mar 30: Dirty Dancing at 8:15pm, Cruel Intentions at 11pm
  • Mar 31: Guardians of the Galaxy at 8:15pm, Tales from the Hood at 11pm
  • Apr 1: Aladdin at 8:15pm, Brown Sugar at 10:45pm
  • Apr 2: The Croods: A New Age at 8:15pm, A Nightmare on Elm Street at 10:45pm
  • Apr 3: Chicken Run at 8:15pm, Eddie Murphy: Raw at 10:45pm
  • Apr 4: Selena at 8:15pm, Donnie Darko at 11:15pm

Sink into your seats and get ready to be blown away! Movies at Rooftop Cinema Club will be projected onto a permanent 64-foot screen via their state-of-the-art projector. Cars will be parked 10 feet apart to ensure the utmost safety so you can relax. Audio will be broadcast through the FM transmitter radio straight into your car for the highest quality movie audio. Concessions will be available with contactless order and pick-up, and you can enjoy eats from local food trucks!
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