• The Escape Game San Francisco: Epic 60-Minute Adventures

The Escape Game San Francisco: Epic 60-Minute Adventures

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🎫 Ticket for 1 person for a 60-minute escape game with a dedicated game guide helping as needed

Choose to play one of five uniquely immersive games:
  • Gold Rush: Find hidden gold in the California hills! ⛰️
  • Prison Break: Complete a daring escape from the evil warden! 👮
  • Special Ops - Mysterious Market: Uncover the truth as a secret agent! 🤫
  • The Heist: Recover a stolen masterpiece from an art thief! 🎨
  • Playground: Complete your report card and get to summer break! ✏️

General Info
📅 Date and time: various dates and times (select when you purchase)
⏳ Duration: you will have 1 hour to play the game. Plan to spend 15 minutes prior to each game preparing and briefing for your mission, and 15 minutes after each game debriefing and taking photos
📍 Location: The Escape Game San Francisco
👤 Age requirement: recommended for ages 13+. Younger players are allowed, but some of the game content may be too difficult for them. An adult 18 or older must participate with anyone that is 14 and under. Also, any participants under the age of 18 will need an adult to sign their waiver
♿ Accessibility: the venue is wheelchair accessible. Service animals allowed
❓ Please note: you will be in a room with a locked door, but every door is equipped with an exit button. Should you feel the need to leave the room, you are welcome to do so at any time. Social distancing and other sanitary measures will be in place throughout the experience
❓ For this event, all sales are final and tickets can’t be refunded, changed or modified. For more information, please refer to our T&Cs

The Escape Game offers one-of-a-kind, premium experiences that are very different from what you typically see in other escape rooms. These games aren't scary or dark: they are exciting, adventurous, and something anyone can enjoy! You will have exactly 60 minutes to follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission together. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, and a sense of adventure—but even if you don't manage to escape, fun is always guaranteed!

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28 Sep
29 Sep
03 Oct
04 Oct
05 Oct
06 Oct
10 Oct
11 Oct
12 Oct
The Heist 10:30 - Adult
Prison Break 11:00 - Adult
Playground 11:15 - Adult
Gold Rush 11:30 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 11:45 - Adult
The Heist 12:00 - Adult
Prison Break 12:30 - Adult
Playground 12:45 - Adult
Gold Rush 13:00 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 13:15 - Adult
The Heist 13:30 - Adult
Prison Break 14:00 - Adult
Playground 14:15 - Adult
Gold Rush 14:30 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 14:45 - Adult
The Heist 15:00 - Adult
Prison Break 15:30 - Adult
Playground 15:45 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 16:15 - Adult
Prison Break 17:00 - Adult
Playground 17:15 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 17:45 - Adult
The Heist 18:00 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 19:15 - Adult
The Heist 19:30 - Adult
Prison Break 20:00 - Adult
Playground 20:15 - Adult
Gold Rush 20:30 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 20:45 - Adult
The Heist 21:00 - Adult
Prison Break 21:30 - Adult
Playground 21:45 - Adult
Gold Rush 22:00 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 22:15 - Adult
The Heist 22:30 - Adult
Prison Break 23:00 - Adult
Playground 23:15 - Adult
Gold Rush 23:30 - Adult
Special Ops: Mysterious Market 23:45 - Adult
The Heist 23:55 - Adult
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