• The Fat Big Quiz of The Year!

The Fat Big Quiz of The Year!

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🎫 Single ticket for 1 person to the virtual Fat Big Quiz
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⭐ This game inspired by The Big Fat Quiz of the Year takes players through 10 rounds of gameplay with lots of interactive graphics, videos, special guests and more!

General Info
📅 Date: 1, 14 and 28 January 2023
🕒 Time: 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
📍 Location: your home!
❓ Please note: 2 smart devices are required to play. The event uses YouTube (live broadcast) and Google Forms (answer submissions)
📱 You will find further information to join the experience in your Fever ticket & confirmation email

Game Rounds & Features

  • History - Questions: Normal question, re-enactment, guest speaker, photo with question, fill in the gaps (famous saying)
  • Hidden Items - A round consisting of a scene of famous hidden phrases, items or people on a particular subject
  • Music - Questions: what's this song backwards, finish the lyric, news presenter, intro from song, theme tune, album covers
  • What Happens Next? - A round consisting of 3 videos, and you have to guess what happens next
  • People - Questions: Headlines, autobiography read out, who created this, pixelated picture, who said this quote, who’s this celebrity?
  • Geography - A themed geography round consisting of famous objects from around the world
  • Film - Questions: Literal movie name, read out extract, video clip, face swap for movie post, say what you see, strapline from the film
  • Name That Character - A round that uses masks and music. You need to name the character in the mask, and name the contrasting music
  • General Knowledge - Questions: A quickfire round of 10 general knowledge questions
  • Build a List - A final round, where players build a list of up to 10 answers. However, get one answer wrong and lose all your points!

The Fat Big Quiz is here to bring you a truly memorable and immersive experience! This virtual, interactive, competitive game based on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year uses the latest in broadcasting, virtual events, and design software to take you through 10 rounds of highly-interactive gameplay with video, audio, special guests, graphics, news presents, and live triggers. Think your household can beat the rest?

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28 Jan
Single Ticket at 7:00 pm for £10.00 per person
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Family Ticket (1 househould) at 7:00 pm for £20.00 per person
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