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  • Wine In The Dark - Waitlist

Wine In The Dark - Waitlist

The Experience
🎫 Waiting list for Wine in the Dark, a new blindfolded wine tasting experience including several glasses of red, white and rose
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Experience Information
🕒 Date and time: starting on March 2021
⏳ Duration: the experience will last 90 minutes
📌 Location: a darkened venue in the heart of the city - its whereabouts will be revealed soon
💰 Price: from £40
🔗 Safety Measures: you can read the safety measures for this event here

The makers of the globally successful Dining in the Dark bring a new spin-off to the table! When it comes to buying wine, new research by supermarkets reveals that customers rely on what the bottle looks like, rather than focusing on what's inside—almost a third of the customers will choose their wine solely based on the design of the bottle! Were we to eliminate the bias of our sense of sight, the subtle tasting notes of good quality wine would truly shine above all, unhindered by our own preconceived opinions. In this wine tasting experience like no other, you will be guided by a sommelier and provided a wide variety of wines to enjoy to the fullest. This is a unique opportunity to forget everything you thought you knew about wine and challenge all your senses!

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