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  • Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark


🎫 Ticket for 1 person to Dining in the Dark, a unique tasting experience including a blindfold and a surprise menu (see below)
🥂 Each ticket includes one welcome drink

🍽️ Treat yourself to a secret menu in pitch-black darkness
🕶️ You will be blindfolded throughout your meal
🎬 Become part of a mysterious and interactive experience

General Info
📅 Date: varies depending on location
The Canal House: 27th March (Mother's Day Special)
The Botanist Birmingham: 21st March
🕒 Time: 6 p.m. or 8:30 p.m.
⏳ Duration: 90 minutes
📍 Location: The Canal House and The Botanist Birmingham
🍽️ Dietary requirements: allergies and dietary requirements can be catered for
📝 Please fill out the form in the confirmation email once you've purchased your ticket to tell us what menu you'd like to have!
🔗 Safety Measures: You can read the safety measures for this event here

Surprise your senses and test out your taste buds. Just choose your favourite colour, and we'll take care of the rest...

🟢 Green (Vegan)

  • Starter: a vegetable in the aftermath of a blaze, accompanied by garnishes carrying rich flavours of the land
  • Main: a hearty, filling dish to catch your senses by surprise
  • Dessert: flavours you know and love presented in surprising textures

🔵 Blue (Seafood)

  • Starter: soft and crispy come together in fresh, delightful bites
  • Main: a hearty dish from the ocean coupled with a side of gifts from the land
  • Dessert: flavours you know and love presented in surprising textures

🔴 Red (Meat)

  • Starter: a crispy gift packed to the brim with flavour
  • Main: a tender surprise accompanied by a delicious range of earthy treats
  • Dessert: flavours you know and love presented in surprising textures

Ever wondered what it is like to eat in the dark? Eminent psychologists have been advocating dining in the dark as the ultimate taste experience for many years. Studies show that 80 percent of people eat with their eyes; with that sense eliminated, the theory is that the other senses—namely taste and smell—take over to elevate your meal to a whole new level. After donning your blindfold in the darkened, candlelit room, you'll soon realise that focusing on taste and smell alone can be a truly enlightening experience—provided you're not afraid of the dark!

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