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  • Dark Matter for Beginners

Dark Matter for Beginners

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General Info
📅 Date: select during purchase
🕒 Time: 6:15pm-8pm (talk starts at 6:45pm), no break. The Q&A will take place on Twitter
📍 Location: Amersham Arms
👤 Age requirement: 18+ with valid ID
🎤 Our speaker, Dr. Amélie Saintonge, is a professor of astrophysics at UCL. She primarily researches the growth and evolution of galaxies, using the world's largest telescopes!

Dark Matter is a hot topic in the physics world at the moment. It was only 2011 when the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the "discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe through observations of supernovae", which is related to Dark Matter and Energy. We only know how much dark matter exists because of how it affects the expansion of the universe. It turns out 70% of the universe is Dark Energy, while 25% is Dark Matter. This means only 5% of the universe is made up of 'normal matter'. Mind-blowing! In this lecture, we will learn how it was discovered, what could possibly be its purpose and what research is currently taking place into this mysterious matter...
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