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  • Become a Matcha Master! | Matcha Tea Workshop

Become a Matcha Master! | Matcha Tea Workshop

🎫 Matcha Workshop for 1

General Info
📅 Date: Sunday, November 3, 2019
🕒 Time: 2 pm – 4 pm
📌 Location: RESOBOX East Village
👤 Age requirement: All ages

Do you want to be the very best “Matcha Master”, like no one ever was? Come to our comprehensive class on all that is matcha! In this class, you will learn all about the matcha family and the many things you can make with it. You’ll also discover how to choose the best matcha and how to whisk it. See and taste the three different grades of matcha, and learn how professionals decide prices of matcha. Finally, you’ll be shown various ways you can use and enjoy matcha—both in food and with food. The possibilities are endless with this perfectly ‘matcha’-ed class for you.
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