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  • Circus Berlin at Eventcity
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Circus Berlin at Eventcity

What you get
  • Ticket for 1 person to Circus Berlin at Eventcity, on the date & time you select
  • Tickets for all performances are 50% off for a limited time!

  • Danguir Troupe: Performing a high wire and wheel of death stunt
  • Moscow State Circus Roubstov Troupe: exciting aerial gymnastic
  • Extreme® stunt riding team: performing the most death-defying act ever completed
  • Edy the Clown: A legendary figure in the circus industry
  • Aerial Chandelier, Quick Change, Duo Straps, juggling and more

Why this event is for you
In an age where so much entertainment is unreal, made up of special effects, the sheer reality of a live show with live music is a breath of fresh air. The feats and skills seen at Continental Circus Berlin are often so amazing that the circus-goer literally cannot believe their eyes! This year's spectacular show features an unrivalled mix of genuine circus talent from every corner of Earth. Come on and get your ticket, the circus is in town!

  • Tickets for disabled guests must be purchased directly from the partner. Contact the venue on 0203 375 3970
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