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  • Plonk at Winterville

Plonk at Winterville

What you get
  • Ticket for 1 person to Plonk at Winterville

Why this event is for you
The fairground meets the fairway in Plonk Golf’s 9-hole, UV-powered indoor golf course situated in a converted Dodgems track. The nine-hole course features some of Plonk Golf’s favourite obstacles including their Skeeball Holes, new Loop da Loops and plenty of rolling hills. Grab your drinks from Bar Humbug, the Happy Cabins, or feel free to bring them in with you!

Winterville entry prices
To be paid at the entrance of Winterville - not included in Fever ticket price
  • Tuesday – free; Wednesday – £2; Thursday – £2; Friday – £2 after 2pm & £5 after 6pm; Saturday – £2 after 12pm & £5 after 6pm; Sunday – £2

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