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  • Beavertown Sour Solstice

Beavertown Sour Solstice

Ticket types:
  • All-in ticket (all beer included and poured in 1/3 measurements)
  • Childrens tickets (2 soft drinks from Square Root Soda)

Beer brewers:
  • Gueuzerie Tilquin, Burning Sky, Loverbeer, Brekeriet, Wild Beer Co., Redchurch Brewery, Oud Beersel, Tommie Sjef, Lindheim, Cloudwater and Beavertown

Food traders (separate purchase):
  • Claw, Grill my Cheese and Square Root Sour Soda bar

Why this beer tasting event is for you:
In honour of the summer solstice, Beavertown will be hosting a gathering to celebrate all things sour and wild in the world of beer, including some amazing beers from other talented beer brewing companies. Sour Solstice also represents the launch of something fresh out of the Tempus Project: Aquavitza, an aquavit barrel-aged wild ale! With 30 lines of everything from straight Berliner to mixed fermentation farmhouse, this will leave you puckered up and salivating until the sun finally sets.
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