• The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody - Waitlist

The Empire Strips Back: A Burlesque Parody - Waitlist

The hit burlesque parody The Empire Strips Back… is here at last! Making its way to NYC, this previously sold-out experience drops classic sci-fi characters into the world of burlesque. Don’t miss out!

The Experience
🎫 Waitlist for The Empire Strips Back, the hit Star Wars burlesque parody
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🚨 Tickets go on public sale on Wednesday, March 22, at 12 p.m.! 🚨

🤩 Enjoy a hilarious and alluring Star Wars burlesque parody show
🌌 Featuring Stormtroopers, Twi’leks, Boba Fett, and more iconic Star Wars characters
✨ Stunning performances & costumes with loving attention to detail
⭐ Prior tours sold out around the US and Australia. Playing in NYC for a limited time only!

General Info
📅 Date: from May 10, 2023
⏳ Duration: 2 hours including a 15-minute intermission
📍 Location: The Orpheum Theatre - Address: 126 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003
👤 Age requirement: 18+
♿ Accessibility: the venue is fully ADA compliant with accessible seats available for purchase
💰 Price: ticket prices will start at $54
❓ Please consult the FAQs of this experience here

Let us deliver you to the dark side! With comedy and allure, loving detail, and hilarious parody, The Empire Strips Back drops classic Star Wars characters into the world of burlesque. Be prepared for some seriously sultry Stormtroopers, a dangerously enticing Boba Fett, some tantalizing Twi'leks, a delightfully luke-warm Taun Taun, a lady-like Skywalker, the Droids you are looking for, and much, much more!

💬 C White ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Totally fun experience! I was amazed at the performers. Costumes are spot on. Great date night"
💬 Chris H ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great show that was approachable and funny to fans and non-fans alike, highly recommended!"
💬 Jakk Z ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great pacing and attention to detail, love the balance of beauty, raunchiness and parody."

Disclaimer: This is a parody production. Star Wars and its characters are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd or Lucasfilm Ltd. This production is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Disney, Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd, Lucasfilm Ltd or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third party licensors.

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