• The Miniature Art Museum: Small Is Beautiful

The Miniature Art Museum: Small Is Beautiful


Small Is Beautiful is much more than an exhibition: it’s an open door into the world of miniature art and its warm, creative community, one which until now mainly lived in digital spaces. Small is Beautiful is a surprising and unexpected adventure full of wonder and emotion providing a new perspective on today’s world—don’t miss out!

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Tickets for Small Is Beautiful in NYC
🎫 Standard Admission - includes entry to the experience

  • Adult (ages 13+)
  • Child (ages 5–12)
  • Senior (65+), Student, or Military - valid ID required
  • Group Bundle (min. 6 people)

🎫 Admission + Gift - added value of up to $20, including entry to the experience and your choice of an exhibit poster or exclusive tote

  • Adult + Gift (ages 13+)
  • Child + Gift (ages 5–12)

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🤏 Visit the first exhibition that brings the miniature art phenomenon from social networks to a dedicated physical space
🌎 Experience the world from a different scale and explore art conveying deep messages, often mixing politics, humor, and poetry
🎨 Discover over 120 exclusive artworks and 80 photographs by 32 local & international artists, with some pieces hidden in unusual corners
🎬 Dive into the artistic process with behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the art and a compelling audio guide
💛 Explore a gallery boutique selling merchandise and exclusive artwork
👩•🎨 Enjoy workshops every Sunday, introducing the little ones to miniature art (for separate purchase - get your tickets here)

General Info
📅 Dates and times: select your dates/times directly in the ticket selector (The time on your ticket reflects when you should arrive. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your session, entry can be delayed until the next available time slot)
⏳ Duration: the visit will take up to 90 minutes
📍 Location: 718 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
👤 Age requirement: all ages welcome
♿ Accessibility: unfortunately, the venue housing Small is Beautiful is not fully wheelchair accessible, at present. The exhibit occupies two floors within a building that requires stairs to access the second level. SiB does not own this building and thus has no ability to install elevator access at this time. SiB and Fever deeply apologize for the lack of elevator access and are happy to assist guests in any way possible. Please reach out via this link for additional information or to let us know how best we can assist you
❓ Please consult the FAQs of this experience here

The #MiniatureArt movement that started on social media comes to life in Small Is Beautiful, a unique experience devoted to the tiny yet vast world of miniature art. Miniature art helps us better apprehend and understand the world by reducing its scales; the artists on display in this exhibition contribute to this in a poetic way. Their tiny artworks make us laugh, feel awe-inspired, and ponder the nuances of our own regular-sized world. They show us that, indeed, small is beautiful. Ready to experience this beautiful reduction of scale and escape reality for an hour? Get your tickets for Small Is Beautiful in New York and have fun!

User reviews

based on 1665 reviews
  • Absolutely amazing!!!! 10/10 would recommend!! :)
  • This exhibit was incredible, 10/10 recommend! All sculptures and art were so detailed it was mind blowing how something so small can be created & painted to perfection! They also had a scavenger hunt to do during your time there through an app on your phone, it was fun & kept you alert. If you're in the area, definitely stop in & check it out!
  • My daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition!
  • Amazing and creative miniature art exhibition.
  • Awesome work by great artists. Worth visiting
  • It was a great experience. The art really made us look at perspective in a different way.
  • very impressive! Great show for all ages!
  • Fabulous exhibit! My daughter and I enjoyed every moment. ❤️ The art was incredible, thought-provoking, and precious. It was like looking into miniature aspects of human life.
  • So creative and fascinating!
  • Really amazing exhibition
  • Awesome,, very poetic, one of the best exhibition of the year
  • Loved it! Both my daughter and I found the exhibit very interesting and so well made.
  • Love this exhibition! Tons of different artists who all specialise in a different area so there is a wide variety of small art to see. Some are humorous while some are serious. I spent almost 3 hours here and still want to come back!
  • So interesting and creative with artists from all over the world! Had a great time with the little pop ups on the walls too
  • A really fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations. Would recommend to anyone looking to visit a new place and view awesome art!

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Smas Trecho 1 - Guará, Brasília, 71219-900

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