• Fever Gift Card

Fever Gift Card

🎫 A Fever Gift Card, valid for all Fever experiences

Choose from:

  • CA$100 Gift Card
  • CA$50 Gift Card
  • CA$30 Gift Card

Possible Gift Experiences
🎻 Classical music by candlelight
🎭 Hilarious comedy show
🎤 Live concerts and international music festivals
🍽️ Meal at a top restaurant
🎉 And much more!

Gift Card Info

  • Comes in the form of an easily shareable pdf gift card and code
  • Can be used in your city and in all of the cities Fever offers

A special occasion for a special person! A Fever Gift Card is the perfect option for both you and the person you gift it to. Looking for a unique gift for an upcoming special occasion but you're out of inspiration? Look no further: you have before you a gift that is sure to please everyone! Who wouldn't want to dine in the latest trendy restaurant, go to see their favorite singer in concert or treat themselves to a luxurious champagne tasting? You've got nothing to lose; this time you'll hit the gift-giving bull's eye for sure!

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Gift Card CA$30 for CA$30.00
Gift Card CA$50 for CA$50.00
Gift Card CA$100 for CA$100.00
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