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Juliana T.

Jan 2023

It was amazing and they provide audio and multiples languages so everyone can enjoy the space.

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Maria P.

Dec 2022

It is the best museum in my life

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Soumadipta R.

Dec 2022

The best museum experience of my life till date

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Slađana S.

Jun 2022

The museum is beautiful, so well organised and presented. There is so much information to take in, so definitely give yourself enough time to enjoy it and learn about Irish history of migration at your own pace.

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Coralie G.

Sept 2022

I arrive at the same time a guided tour starts. So had to wait for them to do one or two rooms before starting to enjoy my time in this beautiful and instructive museum.

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JacksS P.

Oct 2022

It was really good. I enjoyed a lot.

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Anastasia D.

Mar 2022

Loved it. Really immersive experience, a lot of information and ways to explore Irish history and culture

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Terry D.

Aug 2022

Creatively displayed and informative

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Jan 2023

Highly recommended!

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Uladzimir B.

Mar 2023

Very easy.

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