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  • Klimt: The Immersive Experience

Klimt: The Immersive Experience


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  • This is a very tasteful exhibition.
  • fabulous video and music. well researched so a lot of reading, some wY to make the reading more interactive? loved the color it room ...our froup of 4 attended during the week at noon...enjoyed the experience. with no crowds ...plenty of park I ng...its in the old Costco warehouse. now we want to do the Monet Immersion.
  • An amazing immersive experience. First time experience Fun!
  • Music was too loud
  • Loved this! First time doing an immersive experience and already want to do another.
  • Great for me, but I have much more knowledge and interest in art history. May be too academic for those who are innit just for the sensory visual experience
  • The show was great and we loved all of the immersive components. It definitely gave rise to new perspectives on Klimt's work. Thank you.
  • It was outstanding! The only negative experience was having the dinosaurs exhibit next door. The loud screams from the children was very unsettling. Also the loud roar of the dinos really took away from the relaxing and positive experience. The visual imagery of the Klimt exhibit was amazing! A must see! Just make sure to prepare yourself for a startling jolt of anxiety if they show this with the dinosaur exhibit. The music was also very delightful except (once again) for the loud screams next door coming from the other exhibit.
  • awesome 👌
  • fantastic!
  • Absolutely blown away by this exhibit. Beautiful experience from the moment I stepped into the exhibit.
  • Too much text in the first room. Money show was better.
  • Absolutely worth it! We had an amazing time had the whole place to ourselves for a long while. The VR experience was a definite must!!!
  • Loved it!!!
  • An inspirational mix of visual and musical beauty along with an informational element!
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