Frecuently Asked Questions

1.- What is Fever and why should I use it?

Fever is an app that gives you an accurate list of great events going on in your city, based on your interests and people you follow. You can find all kinds of events: nightclubs, sport events, fashion shows, pop ups, cinema, live performances, and so on. Securing your spot at any of these events is incredibly simple - buy tickets or RSVP for events in just two clicks!

2.- Which cities is Fever located in? Are there any that will open soon?

Fever is currently in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, New York and London. It won't be long until we are launched in a city near you!

3.- Can I use Fever from my computer or Tablet?

Fever is an app intended for cell phones and tablets only, whenever the software is compatible with Android or IOS. If you don´t have compatibility with Fever, try installing the newest version of the software of your own device.

4.- What mobile operating systems does Fever work on?

For the time being, Fever is available only in the Apple Store and Google Play. In other words, it is compatible with iOS and Android. You need to have the latest version of the app in order to use it without any problem: the current Android version is 2.2.380, and the current iOS version is 4.8.2.

5.- Do I need Facebook to use Fever?

Fever requires you to have either a Facebook or a Google+ account to connect and login to the app, though it is only necessary to have one, not both. Fever uses this connection to discover your interests and friends and to avoid filling lengthy forms to offer the plans that fit you best.

6.- What happens to my personal information on Fever?

Fever only uses your personal information to help provide you with the most relevant plans going on around you. We will never use your personal information for commercial purposes nor it will be facilitated to third parties.

7.- Who do I follow on Fever?

Once you connect your account with Facebook or Google+, you will automatically follow all of your friends who already have Fever. To follow more interesting people through Fever, the People tab in the app provides you with a list of the most active people in your city. You can decide to follow based on their events or their hashtags, that resonate with your interest. We've also taken the liberty of providing you with our Top 3 trendsetters for your area - these are our most current and interesting individuals in your city.

8.- Can I change my hashtags? Can I change my city if I relocate?

You can change your city choice and hashtags with only two clicks. Go to your Fever profile and in the "little wheel" you find above you can access the settings. In the settings you can change both the city and hashtags. We remind you that the city change shall be valid only when you're in a different city, but it can't be changed in order to make a fraudulent use of the application. In this way, you will enjoy Fever when traveling to a new city and you will be able to attend top events that are better adapted to your tastes.

9.- How can I change my profile picture on Fever?

Your profile picture on Fever is always linked to your Facebook or Google+ profile picture. If you want to change your picture on Fever, simply change your Facebook or Google+ profile picture to the one you would like. You currently cannot have differing pictures on your Fever profile and Facebook or Google+ profile.

10.- When I try to interact with any event, nothing happens / I get a weird error. How can I fix it?

Typically, if you are trying to buy tickets or RSVP to an event and after tapping the button nothing happens or you get a weird error, it means you don't have an email associated to your account. In order to change your email address, go to your Fever Profile page in the app. There, tap the white engine wheel in the top-right corner and then select Settings. Changing your email will be the first option available on that page. If the problem still persists, please send an email to with as much detail regarding the problem as possible.

11.- How do I sign up for plans?

Simply click into the event of your choice and hit the button at the bottom 'Book now' or 'Join the list'. For paid tickets we will require you to enter your credit card information after clicking. If you wish, you can save this information on Fever so you don't have to enter it in with every transaction. Rest assured, we work with Braintree with all of our users' transactions - one of the safest and trustworthy systems in the industry.

12.- I've just joined the list for a free event. How can I bring a guest?

Each event in the app is unique. If you have joined the list to a free event and have not been prompted to select how many reservations you wish to make for your party, it is for a reason. Some events only allow each user a single spot on the list, in which case the only way to add your guest(s) to the list is to have them also join the list from their separate account.

13.- How do I leave a free event list?

If you have signed up for a free event you do not wish to attend, simply click the same button which should now read Remove me from the list.

14.- I want to return my ticket. How can I do it?

Fever tickets are non-refundable. All ticket sales within the app are final, and in only very rare occasions are eligible for reimbursement; however, the eligibility for any reimbursement is subject to Fever's Return Policy. You can find all of this information in our Terms of Use.

15.- How do I prove I made the purchase?

All of your tickets, both purchased and free, can be found in chronological order in your Fever Profile. Simply click Purchased Tickets and all of your tickets will be there! Additionally, you will also receive a confirmation email after purchase/RSVP with the details of events, instructions on how to get in, and any other important details for the event.

16.- How do I print my ticket?

The digital ticket found in 'Tickets' on your Profile page will be sufficient! No printing, no submissions - just provide your name with your digital ticket at the event and you will be granted access!

17.- I did not get the email confirmation for the event I joined. What do I do?

If you have made ​​a purchase or signed up to a plan and you have not received an email from Fever, check that the confirmation email is not in your SPAM folder . If not, check that the email you have associated with Fever is correct. To do so, go to your Profile, click on Settings , and you can see what your email associated with the app is and, if necessary, change it.

18.- How can I change my email account?

The email you have associated with your Fever profile appears when you click on it, then on the settings button on the upper right frame , and then clicking on settings. That email address is where they send your purchase notifications. You can change it at any time and it is totally necessary to find the username you have inserted into the app.

19.- What happens if I buy a coupon and they cancel the event?

At Fever our goal is that all our events are unmatched. But, if for any reason, the event is cancelled, the first thing that Fever will do is contact you, through email, to inform you of the cancellation of such event. Fever will refund the full amount of your purchase to the account linked to the credit card used to make that transaction. In case you would not receive this amount, please send us an email to

20.- What is a coupon, or code? How is it used?

Fever has two types of coupons. The first type is a promotional coupon that can be redeemed simply by going to your Profile, clicking the Rewards button, and enter the code by clicking the blue button and typing it in. The second type is an acquisition code that is usually redeemed upon downloading the app - this coupon can not be redeemed once any other coupon has been used on your account. Regardless, once the coupon has been successfully redeemed, you will see the amount added into the blue circle, and that amount will be applied to your next purchase.

21.- How can I obtain more coupons?

If you recommend the app, and new users introduce your code when downloading it, you can win up to 6€/7$ -since you win 1€/1$ immediately when they download the app and introduce your code- and an extra 5€/7$ when they do their first purchase, of minimum 1€/1$, with the credit card. Plus, when typing in your code, 5€/7$ will be given away to whom introduces it as the first code, and will be able to enjoy the Fever experience at a great price. You can find your personal code in your Fever profile.

22.- Do coupons have an expiration date?

Discount coupons do have and expiration date, so we recommend you use them as soon as

23.- I have an iPhone and the latest version of the app but can not enter a coupon, what happens?

In order for the codes to work properly in your iPhone terminal you must check the ‘Limited Ad Tracking’ is activated. You can do so following these steps: Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limited Ad Tracking > Off. Once you have done this, you should not have any problem.

24.- How are payments made in Fever?

In Fever is possible to pay with Paypal or credit card. To make any payment with credit card its number must be introduced as a security measure, even if you make the payment with money from you Fever wallet (obtained via coupons). Anyway, if the amount that you have available in your wallet is equal or higher than the value of the ticket you want to purchase, no charge will occur. If the amount of the ticket is higher than the one in your Fever wallet, you will only be charged the difference. The payments made through Fever use Braintree system, which is the safest payment method available for credit cards nowadays. Please note that there are certain plans that do not allow the use of coupons as payment, either total or parcial.

25.- I received a charge on my card for a purchase made in the past, why?

In certain occasions when a payment is made with the credit card, it may take a while for the entity to process the request. During this period of time the payments are pending. For security matters, when these conditions arise, we cannot make the collection effective until we ensure the totality of the transaction has been made in a correct manner. Due to this reason, the collection of the payment has been processed now. You can check the payment has not been duplicated and this is the first time it has been collected.

26.- I cannot access Fever

First, verify that your smartphone is compatible with Fever. Fever is currently available for iOS and Android. If you have downloaded Fever and you cannot access to our app, check that you already have the latest version, as we try to improve Fever very frequently. If you are still unable to open it, you can try to uninstall and reinstall. If you still have trouble, please write to and we will solve the problem immediately.

27.- How can I delete my Fever account?

You can delete your Fever account and data by sending us an email to Our team will carry out the request immediately.

28.- How to validate a ticket

Validating a ticket is a quick and easy process that you will do from your mobile phone. Once you are in the establishment with the person that attends you, you will have to validate your ticket. If the ticket is validated before arriving to the establishment, you won’t be able to enjoy the plan-. Here is a video that shows you how to validate you ticket! Click here.